COMPANY is the brainchild of innovator and inventor Adrian Chernoff. Adrian, like most innovators feels connected to people who change things. From this connection, he began a journey of wanting to learn more about amazing people who had the passion, the will, and the desire to strive, fail, and succeed with their own visions, their own passions, and their own breakthroughs. Through his research and exploration on the Internet he discovered there was no home room for these types of people. Through this desire to learn and understand, was born, a new resource of knowledge and connections centered around the accomplishments of the individual.

The site initially began as a focused effort around innovators, but in time it became clear that innovators and change agents are in any field of endeavor from dance to science and film to sculpture. Then it became something more. It became a a realm of inspiration souls and a sea of amazing individuals. Each individual in their own passion in someways in our small world became connecting to other individuals. For example, the renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci may have drawn the first robot in the 1500’s, but it wasn’t until 1898 when inventor Nikola Tesla started working with electronics to enable it with remote controls, which later led science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, in 1942, to create the three laws of robotics indoctrinating a new philosophy on artificial intelligence.

Da Vinci, Tesla and Asimov are three individuals who have changed things. Stepping back, it seems amazing that they are connected and if we were to step back further we could also incorporate Asimov’s books that inspired writer and director George Lucas to create Star Wars in 1977 featuring robots R2D2 and C3PO.

Please stay connected with us as we continue to add more fascinating people, interesting facts, and useful and relevant products.

To be inspired by those who make great stands, great differences, and great achievements.

To highlight the mavericks, the rule breakers, and the innovative souls who change things.

To create value through interesting facts and to spur further learning through associate products.

This site is designed to continually evolve as it is designed to be a public service in providing interesting facts, interconnectedness between people who change the world, and the products and services available to better learn about the individuals and the areas where their impacts have occurred. We strive to add content and people who inspire us, who embrace life to the fullest, and to those who find their own paths as they embrace their self driven or created abilities in a complex and co-dependent world.